Ecuador Travel Guide to Otavalo

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Otavalo looks like a fairly typical Andean town. The town, located about two hours north of Quito, is surrounded by villages rich in artisan traditions, and this villagers stop by several times per week to sell their wares.

The most popular day of the week to visit Otavalo is Saturday, when the Plaza de Ponchos- and many, many blocks surrounding the plaza- fill with vendors. There are vendors operating in Otavalo every day of the week, and Wednesday has become an important market day as well.

Of course, the market started out as a locals-only affair, providing villagers in isolated communities a rare chance to transact business. Some of that spirit still survives in the animal market, which takes place on the outskirts of town at about dawn on Saturday morning. There, you can see locals shopping for llamas, cows, goats, and sheep.

Once you’ve had your fill of shopping, there are other activities to enjoy around Otavalo. A five-minute taxi ride outside town, the Parque Condor is a rescue and rehabilitation center for Andean Condors. The center is open Tuesday-Sunday, from 9:30 until 5, and there is a live bird show at 11:30 and 4:30. Just up the road, you’ll find the community of Peguche, which is a famous center for shamanism. Shamans have posted billboards around town advertising their services and welcoming tourists, though few of the practitioners speak any English. Also in town, there is a scenic waterfall, reached by a 20-minute walk through the woods.

Getting to Otavalo
Getting to Otavalo is quick and easy from Quito. There’s a well-maintained highway leading north from town. It passes through Calderón and Cayambe, the latter famous for its local cheese and crumbly bizcocho biscuits. The trip takes about two hours. To get there by public transit, there are frequent departures from Quito’s Carcelén bus terminal. The trip takes about three hours and costs $2.50-5. It’s also possible to get to Otavalo as part of an organized tour (usually about $20-40 per person).

Where to Sleep

Otavalo can be easily visited as a day trip, but if you’d like to stay over, there are a number of excellent options. On the low-end, the Hostal María (Modesto Jaramillo, one-and-a-half blocks from the Plaza de Ponchos) offers clean budget rooms and is a favorite of backpackers. A beautiful mid-range option, the Casa Sol, has spacious and well-appointed rooms located near the waterfall in Peguche.

Where to Eat

For a truly authentic dining experience, try one of the food stalls at the market- it is a good place to try traditional Andean cuisine, including guinea pig.