Best Places to Travel If You Are an Avid Bird Watcher

If you love birds, you have fun information here. Many people on earth live like birds. Some people travel from one country to another to visit the bird in order to visit the birds. Experienced bird watchers know the places that feature the greatest diversity and best observation options.

Learning where birds nest or stop during migration is essential to successful bird watching. If you are passionate about this hobby, you should get used to discovering the best places. Remember, bird watching is about observing nature rather than disturbing it. The right bird watching spots should give you the chance to take pictures without affecting the balance of nature.

City Parks

It might be difficult to observe birds in urban surroundings. City pollution and the hectic lifestyle might chase away birds from urban habitats. Still, some city places may still feature a diversity of bird species.

Parks are the best spots for city bird watching. Though the diversity of species there will be far from tremendous, parks will give you the chance to look at beautiful birds and to photograph some of those.

Mountains and Preserves

Mountain areas and nature preserves are probably the best places for the observation of various birds.

These magnificent birds are easy to spot because of their flight manner and size. Observing an eagle in flight is incredibly exciting.

Preserves are created for the protection of certain plant, animal and bird species. The diversity there is great and often preserves have good bird watching conditions and infrastructure.

Lakes, Swamps and the Sea Shore

Many species of birds nest near lakes or in swampy areas. There, bird watching enthusiasts can observe pelicans, herons and other rare species. Seagulls and herring-gulls can be seen in the coastal areas.

The types of birds that inhabit such regions differ completely from the species that can be observed in mountain areas.  Enthusiasts should give both a try.

Bird Migratory Routes

Bird migration routes pass over many countries. These are the air channels that birds use for their annual migrations. During their travel, the birds need to nest and stop for short periods of time.

Knowing where bird migration routes pass will give you a chance to observe a diversity of species. These birds are atypical for the country and can be observed solely during specific months.

Learning something about the behavior and habitats of birds is essential if you want to discover the best spots for observation and photographing. Bird watching is much more than just walking around and waiting for an accidental moment.

Bird watching is related to love for nature and the desire to explore distant spots. If you are unhappy with long hikes and mountain climbing, you should probably refrain from picking routes that involve camping and strenuous physical exercise. Decide which species you want to observe and learn where these types of birds can be spotted.


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