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Touring India and Nepal

With the popularity of such travel shows as Departures, An Idiot Abroad and No Reservations as well as reality shows like The Amazing Race and Survivor, the popularity of non-traditional travel destinations has skyrocketed. More and more tourists are swapping out modern amenities and necessities for backpacks and just their spirit of adventure in hopes of getting a deeper, more rewarding travel experience.

India has always been a destination of mystery, spirituality and intrigue. India is a feast for the senses at every level and will both capture the imagination and enlighten your curiosity.

Although interest in traveling to India has picked up in recent years, going about discovering the country by one’s self is still met with reluctance and fear. Exploring India on your own can be overwhelming for even the most experienced “off the beaten path”ers and probably shouldn’t be attempted anyway due to health, safety, and other concerns. The best way to see all of India’s incredible characteristics and features without the worry of being inundated with culture shock is to consider an Escorted Tour. Insight Vacations has come up with six tours designed to deliver a fulfilling and rewarding adventure with comfort, safety and even luxury in mind.

As busy as India is, having everything taken care of up front including First Class transportation and accommodation is a definite time saver and hassle free way seeing the entire country and discovering the highlights and treasures India is famous for. Insight Vacations has guided tour packages that vary in unique and rewarding itineraries that combine the best India has to offer with luxury and comfort to ensure an amazing and spectacular experience. Tour highlights include the Taj Mahal in Agra, religious ceremonies at Varanasi, rickshaw rides to bazaars in Delhi, and even optional excursions to Mt. Everest. Enjoy traveling through the desert on a camel while sipping champagne or a Jeep Safari through the many natural parks on a search for India’s incredible wildlife. Learn of the history of such architectural marvels as the Palace of Winds and the Jain temples of Khajuraho.

Indian Cuisine should, by all means, be considered art. The intense flavors, smells and colors of what has become nothing less than international food sensations are showcased on Insight’s tours by dining at only the best authentic restaurants in India. The unbelievable flavors reach a height that can only be matched by the quality and service you’ll receive whether you are dining in a palace or on an elephant safari.

Accommodations on any of Insight’s tours to India are premium hotels in the most desired locations and superb facilities.