Having a Girl Over? Clean First!

cleaning supplies

Alright, boys. Listen up! If a girl agrees to come over to your apartment or home, you have to clean. And we’re not talking about tidying up, we’re talking about deep cleaning from floor to ceiling.

Here’s the thing … It doesn’t matter that you don’t mind the piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink or the clogged drain in the bathtub or the stale smell of empty beer bottles. She will mind. She will very much mind.

We know deep cleaning doesn’t come naturally for most single men and getting started is the hardest part. That’s what this post is for. To help you know what to clean and how to clean it before your lady friend arrives.


She is going to have to go to the bathroom while she is at your apartment. And if she doesn’t have to go to the bathroom, she is still going to go to the bathroom because she wants to know if it is clean or not. She needs to know. So you have to clean it.

You need to scrub the shower tiles and the bathtub. You need to scrub the grout and remove rust stains too. Don’t leave sitting water in the bathtub! Clear out the drain with a container of Drano®. Trust us, it’s worth the $6.

And of course, do not forget about the toilet. Your toilet needs to sparkle and shine. Your toilet needs to be in pristine condition like an unopened G.I. Joe action figure. The toilet should look as though no one has ever dared to use it before her.

We also recommend cleaning up the medicine cabinet and the drawers. Remove anything you might consider embarrassing from the drawers and cabinets. She is going to open them. If you don’t want her to find what’s inside, get rid of it.


The first priority when it comes to the kitchen is doing the dishes. Dirty dishes are a major turnoff. Wash the dishes and put each one away in its appropriate drawer or cabinet.

Scrub down the top and front of the oven too and clean out your microwave and your refrigerator. She might not open the refrigerator or the oven, but we’re not guaranteeing she won’t.

Also, mop or scrub the hardwood or tile floor in the kitchen. A little elbow grease never hurt anyone.


Vacuum the carpet in the living room and try to remove any food or liquid stains from the floor. If the invitation isn’t spur of the moment and you have the time, we recommend hiring a local service like Amazing Care Chem-Dry. Deep carpet cleaning will remove all of the stains and leave behind a fresh scent before she arrives at your home.

Vacuum the furniture too and dust off all of the end tables, coffee table and TV. You also might want to consider lighting a scented candle or two and purchasing one or two houseplants before she arrives. A houseplant is a sign you can care for something and will add a little color and nature to what we can only imagine is a typical bachelor pad.


Should you be so lucky as to have her want to go into your bedroom, you better be 100% sure the bed is made and there aren’t dirty piles of clothes and underwear on the floor. There better not be any food wrappers or signs of you eating in the bed either.

Vacuum the carpet in the bedroom and spray an air freshener around too.

What do you say? Are you up for it? You can clean your apartment! We know you can! Trust us when we say she will appreciate it and your chances of her being happy will greatly increase.