Ecuador Travel Guide to Otavalo

Ecuador holidays are the time when you completely want to relax and have fun. This fun and relaxing activity help you to overcome your everyday stress and tensions. So, if you are planning to take a vacation, you need to plan carefully to make your time really enjoyable and interesting. Plan a schedule beforehand and think about everything that can affect your vacation schedule in any way.

Here are few planning tips to enjoy your holiday stress free:

Choose the right holiday:

Choose the right destination such as Ecuador travel to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Plan what activities you plan to enjoy on your holiday, think carefully and enjoy a lot. People, who love to relax, reading their favorite book on a beach, can plan a beach vacation. Figure out your requirements and decide

Decide a budget

It will help you to keep a note of your pocket, you will plan to enjoy everything that your heart desires on your dream holidays. Be realistic and choose a suitable facility to have more fun with your loved ones around.

Research the destination

No matter what you do, you need to spend a lot of time doing little research about the place that you choose for your vacation. Read guide books, magazines, and check internet to get suitable information to know more about the place and its specialty.

Otavalo looks like a fairly typical Andean town. The town, located about two hours north of Quito, is surrounded by villages rich in artisan traditions, and this villagers stop by several times per week to sell their wares.

The most popular day of the week to visit Otavalo is Saturday, when the Plaza de Ponchos- and many, many blocks surrounding the plaza- fill with vendors. There are vendors operating in Otavalo every day of the week, and Wednesday has become an important market day as well.

Of course, the market started out as a locals-only affair, providing villagers in isolated communities a rare chance to transact business. Some of that spirit still survives in the animal market, which takes place on the outskirts of town at about dawn on Saturday morning. There, you can see locals shopping for llamas, cows, goats, and sheep.

Once you’ve had your fill of shopping, there are other activities to enjoy around Otavalo. A five-minute taxi ride outside town, the Parque Condor is a rescue and rehabilitation center for Andean Condors. The center is open Tuesday-Sunday, from 9:30 until 5, and there is a live bird show at 11:30 and 4:30. Just up the road, you’ll find the community of Peguche, which is a famous center for shamanism. Shamans have posted billboards around town advertising their services and welcoming tourists, though few of the practitioners speak any English. Also in town, there is a scenic waterfall, reached by a 20-minute walk through the woods.

Getting to Otavalo
Getting to Otavalo is quick and easy from Quito. There’s a well-maintained highway leading north from town. It passes through Calderón and Cayambe, the latter famous for its local cheese and crumbly bizcocho biscuits. The trip takes about two hours. To get there by public transit, there are frequent departures from Quito’s Carcelén bus terminal. The trip takes about three hours and costs $2.50-5. It’s also possible to get to Otavalo as part of an organized tour (usually about $20-40 per person).

Where to Sleep

Otavalo can be easily visited as a day trip, but if you’d like to stay over, there are a number of excellent options. On the low-end, the Hostal María (Modesto Jaramillo, one-and-a-half blocks from the Plaza de Ponchos) offers clean budget rooms and is a favorite of backpackers. A beautiful mid-range option, the Casa Sol, has spacious and well-appointed rooms located near the waterfall in Peguche.

Where to Eat

For a truly authentic dining experience, try one of the food stalls at the market- it is a good place to try traditional Andean cuisine, including guinea pig.

Touring India and Nepal

With the popularity of such travel shows as Departures, An Idiot Abroad and No Reservations as well as reality shows like The Amazing Race and Survivor, the popularity of non-traditional travel destinations has skyrocketed. More and more tourists are swapping out modern amenities and necessities for backpacks and just their spirit of adventure in hopes of getting a deeper, more rewarding travel experience.

India has always been a destination of mystery, spirituality and intrigue. India is a feast for the senses at every level and will both capture the imagination and enlighten your curiosity.

Although interest in traveling to India has picked up in recent years, going about discovering the country by one’s self is still met with reluctance and fear. Exploring India on your own can be overwhelming for even the most experienced “off the beaten path”ers and probably shouldn’t be attempted anyway due to health, safety, and other concerns. The best way to see all of India’s incredible characteristics and features without the worry of being inundated with culture shock is to consider an Escorted Tour. Insight Vacations has come up with six tours designed to deliver a fulfilling and rewarding adventure with comfort, safety and even luxury in mind.

As busy as India is, having everything taken care of up front including First Class transportation and accommodation is a definite time saver and hassle free way seeing the entire country and discovering the highlights and treasures India is famous for. Insight Vacations has guided tour packages that vary in unique and rewarding itineraries that combine the best India has to offer with luxury and comfort to ensure an amazing and spectacular experience. Tour highlights include the Taj Mahal in Agra, religious ceremonies at Varanasi, rickshaw rides to bazaars in Delhi, and even optional excursions to Mt. Everest. Enjoy traveling through the desert on a camel while sipping champagne or a Jeep Safari through the many natural parks on a search for India’s incredible wildlife. Learn of the history of such architectural marvels as the Palace of Winds and the Jain temples of Khajuraho.

Indian Cuisine should, by all means, be considered art. The intense flavors, smells and colors of what has become nothing less than international food sensations are showcased on Insight’s tours by dining at only the best authentic restaurants in India. The unbelievable flavors reach a height that can only be matched by the quality and service you’ll receive whether you are dining in a palace or on an elephant safari.

Accommodations on any of Insight’s tours to India are premium hotels in the most desired locations and superb facilities.

Getting Around In Istanbul, Turkey Travel Guide

Istanbul is a very beautiful city also with many historical monuments in it. It is the capital of the Ottoman Empire and the museums and the palaces of Istanbul are worth seeing. From beautiful architecture from centuries past to museums, concert halls, restaurants, clubs, etc, there are many different things to do in the city and there is no reason a person cannot go to Istanbul and have a good time.

For a person that wants to relax, a person can spend a day in a Turkish bathhouse, at one of the many beaches open to tourists. If a person wants to embrace their artistic side, there are many different museums a person can visit, and a person can simply walk around the city admiring the architecture of the city, which includes many unique buildings, both new and old. For a person with an appetite, Istanbul hosts some of the best cuisines in the country and is especially known for its seafood. In addition, there are many clubs, taverns, and pubs with both DJs and live music for a person who wants to experience the nightlife of Istanbul.

Turkey Tours

Therefore, if you take Turkey travel tours you will surely enjoy the comfort of European vacation and excitements.

IT will explore the many gorgeous destinations and you can come across to some wonderful castles and mosques. It is also a vibrant land for adventurous tourist. The Turkey travel tours also take you through a walk along the coastline and taste some of the traditional cuisines.

Turkey package tours are the best way to travel Turkey. Many web travel portals provide information of Turkey and facilities for online booking. Generally, the Turkey tours are likely to be for 7 to 12 days program.

There are various options of Turkey package

Istanbul and Cappadocia package tours of 7 days: In your Turkey tours you must visit Topkapi Palace – the royal treasury and the elegant court, Hagia – the architectural marvel, and the Blue Mosque, ancient Roman Hippodrome.

Another interesting Turkey Package Tours is the 12 days Turkey Travel tours along the Turquoise coastline. In these twelve-days Turkey tours you must visit the old city of Turkey. You will find yourself at the beautiful ancient cities of Greco Roman at ancient Ephesus and the house of the Virgin Mary.

The Turkey Tours will take you in a traditional wooden yacht onto the Mediterranean’s Turkish coastline. This six-day of Turkey tours will be an unforgettable journey of cruising. Here you can either sunbath, relax or swim. You can also go for an easy walk with your guide and explore the unbelievable beauty of the Turkey coastline.

If you are a newly wedded couple, you must avail some exciting Turkey package tours for a honeymoon. Customized Turkey package tours for the honeymooners include a visit to the old city, half-day Bosphorus Boat cruise, the tour of the city of Cappadocia, Ephesus, and other destination.

If you enjoy art museums, go to the Karaköy neighborhood of Istanbul and check out the museum called Istanbul Modern, which is over 86,000 square feet of (mostly) Turkish art for you to check out!


With so much to do in Istanbul and so little time to do it, it is important to make sure that all travel arrangements are taken care of in advance. There are many options, but this is definitely something that needs to be taken care of sooner rather than later. There are companies available that specialize in travel, and they offer many different options for a traveler. Many different airport transfer services are available with options to choose from to suit a person on any budget. A person can simply choose to have a company take care of airport transport, where they are simply chauffeured from the airport to the hotel or wherever they happen to be staying. A person can also hire a chauffeur to take them all around the city for their entire duration of the trip, or if a person wants a little more independence, they can even use a company like this to rent a car and tour the city at whatever pace they’d like.

Best Places to Travel If You Are an Avid Bird Watcher

If you love birds, you have fun information here. Many people on earth live like birds. Some people travel from one country to another to visit the bird in order to visit the birds. Experienced bird watchers know the places that feature the greatest diversity and best observation options.

Learning where birds nest or stop during migration is essential to successful bird watching. If you are passionate about this hobby, you should get used to discovering the best places. Remember, bird watching is about observing nature rather than disturbing it. The right bird watching spots should give you the chance to take pictures without affecting the balance of nature.

City Parks

It might be difficult to observe birds in urban surroundings. City pollution and the hectic lifestyle might chase away birds from urban habitats. Still, some city places may still feature a diversity of bird species.

Parks are the best spots for city bird watching. Though the diversity of species there will be far from tremendous, parks will give you the chance to look at beautiful birds and to photograph some of those.

Mountains and Preserves

Mountain areas and nature preserves are probably the best places for the observation of various birds.

These magnificent birds are easy to spot because of their flight manner and size. Observing an eagle in flight is incredibly exciting.

Preserves are created for the protection of certain plant, animal and bird species. The diversity there is great and often preserves have good bird watching conditions and infrastructure.

Lakes, Swamps and the Sea Shore

Many species of birds nest near lakes or in swampy areas. There, bird watching enthusiasts can observe pelicans, herons and other rare species. Seagulls and herring-gulls can be seen in the coastal areas.

The types of birds that inhabit such regions differ completely from the species that can be observed in mountain areas.  Enthusiasts should give both a try.

Bird Migratory Routes

Bird migration routes pass over many countries. These are the air channels that birds use for their annual migrations. During their travel, the birds need to nest and stop for short periods of time.

Knowing where bird migration routes pass will give you a chance to observe a diversity of species. These birds are atypical for the country and can be observed solely during specific months.

Learning something about the behavior and habitats of birds is essential if you want to discover the best spots for observation and photographing. Bird watching is much more than just walking around and waiting for an accidental moment.

Bird watching is related to love for nature and the desire to explore distant spots. If you are unhappy with long hikes and mountain climbing, you should probably refrain from picking routes that involve camping and strenuous physical exercise. Decide which species you want to observe and learn where these types of birds can be spotted.


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Europe Travel Plan Where to Visit in Europe

One of my best friends and I decided to book up to travel to Sharm el Sheikh on Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera in March after we found a good value all-inclusive holiday deal to go to a hotel which came with glowing reviews on the internet.  We had been recommended the area by many different people, although we weren’t entirely sure of what to expect when we got there.  One person had told me that the sea was amazing because as you wade out from the beach, tropical fish swim around your legs even when the sea has only reached knee-high levels and you can see them perfectly clearly as the water is like crystal.  I was skeptical of this at first; I really didn’t think that it’d be possible, but I can tell you firsthand that after going there it is absolutely true in most areas.

The different species and varying colors of fish were remarkable and made me want to snorkel all day!  The water was warm and buoyant too making for perfect conditions, so on one of the days we decided to go on a boat trip to snorkel on some of the fantastic coral reefs, which was well worth it; I felt like I was in a giant tropical fish tank!  I was rapidly discovering what all the fuss about the place was about and why people wanted to travel here so much. The hotel was brilliant and had the best staff you could ever ask for, but it acted only as a base for our stay as there was so much to see that we were hardly ever there.


I was fascinated that one minute I could be quad biking in the Sinai desert, then snorkeling in the Red Sea the next. With the influx of more low-cost flights from the UK, the good news is that the opportunities to find cheap holidays to Egypt, especially to the Red Sea, are better than ever. Now really is the time to visit this beautiful corner of the globe. Here are several travel tips that you can use to make certain your protection while traveling overseas.

Travel here by car from Austin along the Texas Tropical Trail and for over one thousand miles you will discover a rich cultural diversity, miles of scenic views and historic treasures. Travel Adventure in Texas would not be complete without spending a bit of time in Austin and traveling into the hill country.

Here is where you will find the hills, eight wineries, and western history. Towns in this area are small-town Texas, Bring along your appetite the food is a food lover’s delight. The town of Luckenbach will bring the old west alive with buildings from the 1800’s friendly people and locals playing country music at the general store. Wherever you decide is right for you Texas Vacation either the seashore or the hill region it will be memorable and adventure will be just around the corner just make sure your house cleaning service is in place.

Stay with us to get all new information about travel We will provide you information about the best travel destinations in the world. Before you go make sure you have silky smooth legs, consider Laser Hair Removal before you go. Aardvark Aviation is super grateful for all the sponsors that help keep this and other sites like them spreading the good word about unique places to go and see in this beautiful world of ours.